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If you are wondering what steps must be taken to produce a complete set of dentures ? Here is a brief description can give you:

First visit – Taking mould of upper and lower jaw . This mould will be used to provide a model of the teeth ( sample) to plan and design denture framework that compatible with your jaw .

The trial – For trial, a base surface set of false teeth made โ€‹โ€‹of wax will be available to be tried by the user. This is to ensure that the set of false teeth to be produced is the most perfect and comfortable for yourself !

Stage of completion – Adjustment of dentures that have been completed will be done until you feel comfortable wearing . Ensure that the client does not suffer any injuries as a result of wearing dentures.

The follow-up – We will recommend a dental professional who can help you maintain your original dentures and teeth in good shape and healthy .

Please contact us for more information:

Contact Number : 017 โ€“ 882 3034

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